Remine Mobile Interface


The purpose of Remine Mobile is to serve as an on-the-go tool for you to quickly view property details and history, filter by all the familiar Discover filters, track, and quickly chat with agents about their listings.

While Remine Mobile does not have every feature you'll find in the desktop version of Remine, Remine Mobile still gives you access to our 500 million data points, robust filters, and powerful predictive analytics.

See the following list for information about what you can do in each part of the Remine Mobile interface:

Discover tab
  • View the familiar map and blue dots.
  • See property details.
  • Apply layers for easy colorful visualizations on the map.
  • Apply filters and draw a shape to narrow your results.
  • Track properties and people.

Track tab
  • View and manage your tracked properties and people.
  • Narrow your tracked opportunities by filters.
  • Manage your labels.

Chat tab
  • Connect with other agents.
  • Contact listing agents directly through Remine Mobile.

Profile tab
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