What's on the Track tab?


The Track tab is your list of opportunities, where you can see all your tracked properties and people in list form.

To access the Track tab, on the bottom bar, tap Track.

Click here to learn how to track.

Tracked properties

For each tracked property, you'll see MLS status, property value, and Sell Score. For any property in the list, tap Show More to see additional information, like bed and bathroom count, square footage, lot size, owner name(s), and any associated labels.

If you tap an address, you'll see the Property Details page, which displays detailed information about the property.

Tracked people

For each tracked person, you'll see the latest associated property and whether the person is the owner. You'll also see Sell Score, Buy Score (available with our Success and Pro plans), and any associated labels.

If you tap a name, you'll see the Associated Properties page, which includes all properties to which the person has a historical connection.

Sort and filter your tracked opportunities

To sort your opportunities, in the upper right corner of the Track tab, tap Sort. You can sort your properties by various characteristics (e.g., price, square feet, Sell Score), and you can sort your people by name and Buy Score.

To filter your opportunities, in the upper left corner of the Track tab, tap Filters. You can filter your properties by both labels and some Discover map filters. You can filter your people by label and Buy Score. When you tap Apply Filters, all the tracked opportunities that match any of the selected filters appear in the list.

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