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As a listing agent, tracking down potential sellers is extremely cumbersome when you can't be certain what kind of return you will get on your efforts. Remine can take that burden off your shoulders by helping you to focus your marketing campaigns and find only the most qualified leads.

What filters should I focus on?

Below are the filters on the Discover map that will be most useful for you as a listing agent in finding the best leads.

Ownership Time
The Ownership Time filter displays the length of time, in years, that the current owner has had the property.
This is important for you as it identifies owners who are more likely to move. Because we know that most people move every 7-12 years, you can apply the Ownership Time filter with a minimum of 7. Save your time and money by only marketing to those who are more likely ready to move.

Home Equity
The Home Equity filter displays the estimated equity that an owner has in their property. Equity is the current market value of the property minus the amount still owed on the loan balance. The more equity an owner has, the more eligible that person is to make a move.
This is a valuable filter for you, since you can filter out those people who don't have enough equity, as they won't be able to sell yet.

The Absentee filter indicates if the owner doesn't occupy the property. A property with an absentee owner is likely rented out or sitting empty. Absentee status is determined by cross-referencing the property address and the owner's mailing address. If the two addresses differ, we display that the owner is absentee. The Absentee filter also identifies those absentee owners who live in state vs. out of state.
The benefits of this filter are twofold. First, you can target owners with campaigns to sell their homes. You can even tailor your messaging for in-state or out-of-state absentee owners. Renting out your home is particularly inconvenient when you live out of state, so you as an agent can speak to the owner's specific pain points when it comes to dealing with tenants and maintenance from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Second, you can target renters who may be ready to buy by door knocking or sending mailers.
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