How do I untrack an opportunity?


In any location in Remine Mobile, any property or person with a filled-in star (  ) is an opportunity you're already tracking. If you tap this star, you'll untrack the opportunity.

There are several places where you can untrack properties or people:

What do you want to untrack? How to untrack
Untrack properties

On the map, any orange star represents a property you're tracking. Tap the star on the map, and on the property card, tap the button.


On the Track tab, tap any property. The Property Details page appears. In the upper right corner, tap the  button.


At the bottom of the Property Details page for an off market property, tap the Remove Track button.


On the Associated Properties page for a person, tap the  button in the upper right corner of a property card.

Untrack a person

On the Property Details page, scroll to the bottom. Tap the  button for one or more people.


On the Track tab, tap any person. The Associated Properties page appears. In the upper right corner, tap the  button

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